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About CHYP

A charity supporting vulnerable young homeless people

Cirencester Housing for Young People was established in 1986 to help young people in and around the Cirencester area. Our aim is to provide supported accommodation to vulnerable young people between the ages of 16 and 25.

What we do

Our residents come from a variety of different backgrounds. Most have been made homeless as a result of family break up, abuse or leaving care.

Many have additional problems such as learning difficulties and mental health issues.

At CHYP, we realise there is much more to helping people than simply providing a roof over their heads.

Each of our residents has a dedicated key worker who works closely with them to identify their support needs. Supported 24 hours a day, our main house provides a high level of help for young people.

During their stay, residents will learn how to look after themselves and start preparing for life in their own home. Help is given with life skills from self care, cooking and laundry, to literacy, numeracy and budgeting. Their key worker is also there to provide crucial emotional support.

What we provide

Our mission

As residents become more confident and their skills grow, they are moved to our moving on house which accommodates four people. 

Here, the level of support is lower as the residents are encouraged to learn to become more independent. 

We work with them to locate appropriate further education, work experience, or training placements leading to employment and eventually independent living. At this point we continue to support residents and go on being there for them whenever they need CHYP

All of CHYP’s residents are economically, emotionally or educationally disadvantaged and have suffered from complicated challenges in their lives. No young person is homeless without something going seriously wrong in their life at some point. Each young person has their own unique set of problems requiring individual attention. Most importantly they need somebody they can trust and rely on, often for the first time in their lives, that’s where CHYP comes in. Every young person deserves a chance. 

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